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We are a safe, welcoming, peer-led center for young adults age 16-24 who are looking to connect to resources in the community. We help youth connect to community services including mental healthrecovery support, housing, resume building and job opportunities.


Our focus is to support youth and young adults who express and self-identify with different experiences.

We believe that connections, relationships, and communityare at the center of what heals people.

We are united by our shared experience and common humanity.


About Impact Centr


The Impact Center is open to all young adults!

Trauma, mental health & wellness support
We support young adults in reclaiming and defining their own experiences. We are transparent about our own within a Peer Support process. Whether they understand them as responses to trauma, mental health struggles, or otherwise, we honor each person’s right to self-determined support. This can happen in one-to-one and group settings, in-person, and on virtual platforms.

Substance use & recovery resources
We believe every person has a right to define what healing means to them, and what recovery may look like, including when it comes to substance use. We understand that each person follows a different path, and we partner with young adults in determining what a “recovery process” is to them.

Other resource connections
The Impact Center is grateful to be connected to a variety of community resources. We can offer support and advocacy when navigating different aspects of System of Care (SOC). Whether they are looking for educational, employment, housing, financial support, or something else, we can connect young adults to the resources they are looking for.

Thanks to generous support from a grant through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and SAMHSA, our supports are free of charge.

Contact us for more information

Non-emergency requests ONLY!

If this is an emergency please call 911.

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Where to Find Us

41 Taylor Street
Springfield, MA 01103


(413) 654-1566

Monday - Friday*

10am - 5pm

*CLOSED on the last Friday of every month.

If you need non-emergency support, please email or call one of us during the business hours listed below.

(413) 654-1566


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