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"My name is Kristine Irizarry (Rodriguez). I'm the Impact Center Director and over the past 10 years, I've worked with youth and young adults as a volunteer and as a professional. Working with young adults is a passion of mine. I believe young adults are the future! I also believe with resiliency and passion they are able overcome whatever they see ahead."

Kristine Irizarry, Program Director

“ My name is Christina and I am the Impact Center Program Supervisor. I believe that working with young adults isn’t just about what they can learn from us but what we can learn from working with them. Each of them is unique and have a purpose with us. I believe in guiding them to resources that will create new possibilities and new opportunities. Being someone with lived experience I know how hard it can be and it’s important our youth know they are not alone.”

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Christina Dillon, Program Supervisor
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"My name is Joel Perez and I am a Young Adult Peer Mentor here at the Impact Center. Being the oldest of 7 I have always felt a responsibility to use my lived experience in order to be a positive role model to my younger siblings as well as the young adults I encounter on a daily basis. I believe it’s extremely important for young adults to have people in their lives who will share their experiences and will give them a positive outlook on the obstacles they may be facing on a daily basis. This is why I love the work that I do, it gives me the opportunity to be that person for the young adults everyday."

Joel Perez, Peer Mentor

My name is Danielle Diaz. I'm a Young Adult Peer Mentor here at The Impact Center. I am dedicated to impacting young lives with my warmth and experiences. I enjoy getting to know the Youth, their stories, and helping them to reach their goals. It's always so fulfilling when I can make a connection with a Youth and walk alongside them toward their personal growth. My interests include arts & crafts, making treats in the kitchen, catching up on TV shows, and collecting various Disney items.

Danielle Diaz, Peer Mentor

My name is Nyesha Santa I am a Young Adult Peer Mentor at the Impact Center. I am a Criminal Justice major, studying to be a future Lawyer. As a young adult myself I understand and have undergone the many challenges we face in today’s society. I have learned that it is difficult for us to adapt to society and social norms but it is also difficult for society to adapt to us and what we consider to be social norms. I am a strong believer in the together approach, that we as human beings can conquer anything as long as we do it together and through this process I hope to be a positive guidance in your life.

Nyesha Santa, Peer Mentor